2020 in Review: Resilience and Metamorphosis

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This year’s theme for our app development company was Resilience and Metamorphosis!

Unpopular opinion: 2020 wasn’t that bad, after all!

The #1 topic for the year that’s ending was Resilience, not just for us but for the entire planet. So far, our industry has been blessed, as tech is one of the solutions to today’s challenges for many businesses and people. Digital tools help us connect, work together, share emotions and experiences, while they also help companies continue projects started long before the Covid-19 pandemic and even take new projects and old projects further than before.

We are blessed, since tech is one of the solutions to today’s problems.

2020 in a Nutshell

Here are some of my observations about 2020:

  • 🎯 Larger target audiences: Digitalised businesses now have the opportunity to reach a larger audience which means there are opportunities to be explored.
  • 🙏 More gratitude: Individuals now have the context to be more introspective and practice gratitude for smaller things, with our old way of living being temporarily suspended and probably somewhat altered forever.
  • 🌎 Accelerated globalisation: Although travel is hugely affected, globalisation is happening even more than before and it’s beginning to be less and less about location, location, location.
  • 📏 Services standardisation: We are witnessing an accelerated standardisation of prices and services across the globe.
  • 🧠 Mental health challenges: Mental health has declined and we have a long way until we fully understand the effects this will have on society,.
  • 🩺 Illness & economic impact: There are many scars left by the pandemic itself, with so many lives lost and so many people struggling with illness.
  • ↔️ Contraries: We are all forced in our daily lives to combine using the highest technologies with a much simpler way of life, as it used to be maybe centuries ago, when you had to travel by carriage for miles to meet someone in person. The effects this will have on our brain are going to be interesting to observe.
  • 🤝 Cooperation: Society is polarised, yet there appears to be a greater will to become aware of it and avoid destructive conflict.

One can choose to see all of this as fascinating. As any change goes, it also comes with a degree of pain, yet it’s up to us, at least partially, to decide how we respond to change. Being in tech has been lucky so far and also rewarding, as, from a somewhat privileged position, we managed to support businesses and people go through these rough times. Still, it’s hard for company cultures to thrive in this context, yet there is a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm about how we can tackle this challenge. We just need to get creative. And

Getting creative is what we love most at the #WolfDen.

2020 at the Wolf Den

Here is a summary of our year at Wolfpack Digital and how we related to Resilience & Metamorphosis this year:

  • We started off the year with 50 people in our team and an epic trip to Rome to celebrate our 5 years anniversary. 🎈
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  • In the face of the pandemic and all of the unknowns, we went for a cautious approach where we blocked all new hirings temporarily; in retrospective, this was a good decision.
  • Our team has grown with 20%, from 50 to 60 people, since this summer.
  • We also lost some of our old team members along the way, as our company went through growth and the resulting changes in the way we work.
  • We welcomed new exciting clients to our portfolio, especially from the fintech, transportation, health and beauty industries, one of them being Sephora. 🤩
  • We went for a hybrid working regime, part of our team working remotely, and part of it from our office, while we took extra care (1 person per room). We moved to a new levelled-up office in central Cluj at the beginning of the year.
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  • Although we were blessed not to have any major project scale down/stop abruptly, and our team has grown, the initial months of Covid have been a management mini-nightmare, because of all of the external and internal changes. As a consequence, we developed new skills in an accelerated manner.
  • Speaking of resilience, faced with the new challenges, we could see how people and processes broke in places where we had had the most vulnerabilities anyway. The saying goes: a broken bone 🦴 repairs to become even stronger than before. In that sense, we are grateful for the accelerated change to the better.
  • Our team has won several awards and certifications this year, and we continued to be involved in the community, by supporting and speaking at online & offline events, publishing, and mentoring startups (Innovation Labs, Finimize, Techsylvania, Define School, HowToWeb, TSM, Startup Weekend, Europe Startup Cities etc) 🏅
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  • We defined and acted on our social responsibility direction of arts & sustainability, by supporting charities and events in this area (hackathons, LightsON, Clujul Verde, Muma Padurii etc.) 🌳
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  • We added new roles and people to our team, such as our amazing CMO, Corina Stirbu, and our brand new People Specialist, along with the Head of QA and the Head of Client Experience roles. 🥳
  • Overall, we are ending the year stronger and more motivated than ever before, somewhat more centred and, in a sense, cleansed!
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  • Additionally, the Women in Tech Cluj community, which I co-founded, got formalized at the end of the year.
  • The Transilvania IT Cluster honoured me as a Board Member.

2020 has definitely been a teacher on Resilience through Metamorphosis 🦋.

Thank you to our great clients who keep choosing us and to our amazing team which lights my fire every day! 🔥

Thank you also to everyone who has been on our side this year.

May all the lessons learned serve us well in a prosperous and friendlier 2021! 🥂

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